We invest in you.

You get paid to become a software developer.

A monthly scholarship. And much more.

This is how it works:

We pay you a monthly scholarship. You follow our hands-on online training and study remotely to become a software engineer or data scientist.

After six months you finish the program successfully and you join us as a developer, quant or analyst.

That's it. That's the deal.


You get

A monthly scholarship.

Access to the best online learning resources.

A guaranteed job if you successfully finish the six-month program.


We get

World-class talent working for us in about one-year's time.

inat networks offers you


A scholarship of about 150 to 200 Euro per month.

A laptop to work on and program with (upon successful completion of Level 0 of the program).

Access to cloud computing resources for deploying and scaling your applications.


You become proficient in Python. We dive into Rust, Go or Typescript together. We use Shell, Git and Vim - :q!

You probably already know statistics. We teach you Machine Learning algorithms, explore Smart Contract development together, and we rebuild the Bitcoin network from scratch. You pick one to specialize in.

You get mentoring from experts in the field. You enjoy virtual and physical networking events to learn about the latest trends in the industry.

A job

Upon successfully completing the program we hire you - it is that simple.

If you prefer to work somewhere else, we help you find a job.

You pay us back if you decide to work somewhere else which finances the next generation of students - and you might even become a mentor.

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You studied or you are studying a math-heavy subject. If your major is Economics we might also come to an agreement.

You should have just graduated or you might still be in the last year of your studies. Ideally you are 22 to 26 years old.

You should be curious and motivated to learn. The idea of becoming a software engineer or data scientist should excite you.

You should distrust our ruling parties. Joining one just to get a job should be no option.

Our motivation comes from a variety of personal experiences

The missing hands on semester.

Theoretical education in the Former Yugoslavian countries is world-class. Representatives of these countries keep scoring great in math olympiads or similar competitions, but opportunities for hands-on experiences are rare. Many graduates enroll in unpaid internships in order to learn how to code and hope to get a paid offer after.

The Right Tech Stack. The Right Trends.

Graduates that decide to become software developers often end up building on an out-of-date techstack. They usually have to learn programming languages and software development concepts that are not future-proof. Some new emerging trends however are so new that experienced developers have no real advantage to junior developers. This is where you could shine!

Brain Drain and Work from Home.

Many graduates fail to find jobs in their home countries and decide to emigrate to western EU countries. Yet many software developers in these countries have been working from home during the past two years. Some even decided to travel while keeping their jobs. People in the Balkans should be free to work from home too. Quite literally from home...


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